The Show

CoverShow is a show revolving around London and New York between 1978 and 1984, presenting the nostalgic remnants of the disco-era. Young people were rebelling against conservative society as a whole; alas, they could find no easily grapsable reason to do so. The world leaders were engaged in the Cold War, and New York was engaged in Andy Warhol.
   The Story. Vivienne Westwood and her boyfriend, Malcolm McLaren create the punk style to express something like a rebellion against Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth. Meanwhile, in New York, Warhol is asked to organize a final party in STUDIO54 with Divine. Just at the same moment, Joe Dallesandro arrives in New York and lands in Warhol's apartment (bed). But Andy's woes do not end here. He also has to present somebody new at the fashion week in NY. Thatcher is outraged--by Reagan, who chats her up on the Washington-London hotline.
   Finally, Warhol decides to invite Westwood to New York, and Thatcher makes up her mind to go to a rendez-vous with Reagan, who organizes a UN conference just to meet her. On the plane to the Big Apple, there is a surprise guest: Queen Elizabeth, who has also decided to see the New York nightlife for herself. They all head to one place--the one that was called STUDIO54.